Student Loans

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to student loans.


  • Are you fresh out of school, or paying off student loans from years ago?
  • Maybe you borrowed or cosigned for a child’s education.
  • Are you making payments, or have you fallen behind?
  • We help you to choose the best options based on the type of your student loans, your educational background, your career, and your unique circumstances.


Student loan debt is at a record high. Repaying student loans is more confusing than ever. And finding legal assistance can be challenging for student loan borrowers. Our student loan department serves borrowers nationwide.   Attorney Joel S. Hymen is a pioneer in his field, and he has established one of the nation’s most cutting-edge law firms devoted  to helping people with student loans.



Borrowing a Student Loan was relatively easy. Paying it back should be simple as well, but it is not. Whether you’re a student, parent, or cosigner, and whether you’re currently in repayment or running into trouble, we can help.  Our objective is to help students and families understand their legal rights and student loan options.